creative dancers fitness The story behind... 02/03/2020 Celina danser

I denne videoen (fra 3:20) kan du se litt av arbeidet forrige sommer med å få frem noen kule bilder sammen med danser Celina 😁 Røykbomber, høye hopp og krevende setting, og utrolig gøy. Gleder meg masse til å jobbe mer med kreative stunts i fremtiden!

creative fitness 07/03/2019 Svea

It’s been a while since I had time to do project work, but I finally got around to doing some funwork! Svea, a model from Trendmodels in Trondheim, had no issues painting herself and getting in front of my camera, and I think the results were cool!We have to do some more work soon! 🙂

Bryllup fitness Konkurranse 08/08/2018 NFF Landskonkurranse 2018

Alle mine 4 innsendte arbeider i Landskonkurransen 2018 ble premiert med “Hederlig Omtale”, dvs 70 poeng eller mer.  I år sendte jeg inn en blanding av bilder fra noen år tilbake, og noen av nyere dato.“TRUST” var i nærheten av bronse, og manglet kun 1 poeng.Alt i alt er jeg fornøyd med resultatet 🙂

fitness Konkurranse Kropp og akt 16/04/2015 NFF Landskonkurranse 2015

This year I reached nr 6 in the annual national championship for professional photographers in Norway (NFF)!Entering with 4 photos, I had all 4 winning prizes (honorable mention). Only 8 photographers managed to get all 4 above 70 points (which is the minimum score for winning prizes) this year, and although I didn´t receive any …

fitness 10/03/2015 FEP Award 2015

A little unexpected, but truly amazing, I received a message I was a finalist in the FEP 2015 competition, portrait category!! A little later, I discovered one of my entries made it to an “Excellence Award”. This means a score of 90-100, and equals “gold”. I entered with 3 photos, and “human wrecking ball” made …

fitness 24/01/2015 2015 – NEW opportunities

My first funshoot in 2015! Stylist Mats Heitmann presented me with an idea late last year, and finally we were able to make it happen! Stian, the model, had his body painted, and all I had to do was contact a local nightclub to get access (Studio 26) Processen för cellulär nekros involverar störningar av …

fitness Portrett workshop 20/03/2014 personal workshop

A few weeks ago I decided to spend 5 days of shooting. Something just for fun, other ideas were more planned. I made appointments with various models, and tried to fit in as much as possible in my schedule. First, I visited an industrial site (where I previous week made sure to get permission, which …

creative fitness Portrett 26/01/2014 comeback kid

Shutterblock has been more or less inactive during 2013…but this will hopefully change in 2014! This week, a client cancelled his appointment, allowing me to play for 30 minutes. The result was a couple of self-portraits. Although composited rather quickly, I found them presentable enough for my website. Of course, this is a mix of …