creative dancers fitness The story behind... 02/03/2020 Celina danser

I denne videoen (fra 3:20) kan du se litt av arbeidet forrige sommer med å få frem noen kule bilder sammen med danser Celina 😁 Røykbomber, høye hopp og krevende setting, og utrolig gøy.Gleder meg masse til å jobbe mer med kreative stunts i fremtiden!  

advertising dancers making of The story behind... 12/02/2015 Making Of “City Lade Tango”

I have recently done some work for Headspin Advertising and City Lade. The results are displayed in various media, and the idea was to have a similar profile for the different images. Here is a short explanation of the process. In one picture, local tango dancers were models, wearing beautiful outfits for the occation. Of …

advertising behind the scenes dancers The story behind... 10/02/2015 Making of “City Lade – QALIFA”

As for my previous post, this is some of the work behind another image for Headspin Advertising and City Lade penis. The side effects associated with VCD therapy• Optional: tests of proven value in the evaluation of viagra vs cialis. . This time working with local fresh hip-hop artist Qalifa! The final image (without advertising …

dancers editorial The story behind... 06/03/2014 Butterfly

The idea developed after being inspired by a few internationally acknowledged dance photographers . I knew one ballet dancer, who was prepared to model for me, and found a white wedding dress which could work. The idea of the photo shoot was simply to get her to move around, combining classic dance poses with the dress …