Making of “City Lade – QALIFA”


As for my previous post, this is some of the work behind another image for Headspin Advertising and City Lade.
This time working with local fresh hip-hop artist Qalifa!

The final image (without advertising profile):


Again, this is a composite. I found a decent location, not far from City Lade (the mall), and made 5 exposures (for later blending into an HDR). These originally looked like this:


After blending these in Photomatix Pro, and further in Adobe Bridge/Photoshop, I had to cut Qalifa out from this studio shot:


Not too hard, but again, this might be on huge posters and has to be done well…the following screenshots show some layers and processing for the final image

Skjermbilde_PS1 Skjermbilde_PS2 Skjermbilde_PS3

As you can se from these, Qalifa is cut out and blended with the background with a more dramatic sky and sun. The snow is again part of the winter theme.
Lots of work, but a great learning process as well as GREAT fun! I think it looks quite good, and hope you like it!!