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creative fitness 07/03/2019 Svea

It’s been a while since I had time to do project work, but I finally got around to doing some funwork! Svea, a model from Trendmodels in Trondheim, had no issues painting herself and getting in front of my camera, and I think the results were cool!We have to do some more work soon! 🙂

Bryllup fitness Konkurranse 08/08/2018 NFF Landskonkurranse 2018

Alle mine 4 innsendte arbeider i Landskonkurransen 2018 ble premiert med “Hederlig Omtale”, dvs 70 poeng eller mer.  I år sendte jeg inn en blanding av bilder fra noen år tilbake, og noen av nyere dato.“TRUST” var i nærheten av bronse, og manglet kun 1 poeng.Alt i alt er jeg fornøyd med resultatet 🙂

Konkurranse 04/05/2014 Photography Masters Cup

Again, I got some awards from “Photography Masters Cup” or “Color Awards”, as some call it. This is an international competition with a wide range of participation. A couple of years back, I managed to win a 3rd place in Fashion. Last year, I was nominated with 4 images. . This year, I was nominated …

fitness Portrett workshop 20/03/2014 personal workshop

A few weeks ago I decided to spend 5 days of shooting. Something just for fun, other ideas were more planned. I made appointments with various models, and tried to fit in as much as possible in my schedule. First, I visited an industrial site (where I previous week made sure to get permission, which …

Wedding 23/05/2013 Nina & Arild

I guess I have been a little busy lately, neglecting to congratulate Nina and Arild on their wedding day April 26th 2013! It was a chilly but very nice experience, working with this couple and I believe both them and I had great time. At least, they seemed to be comfortable to enjoy an hour …