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the crow project

Sometimes you have a plan as a fashion photographer… You find 3 models, you have an excellent stylist, and find the best location for your work…AND, the weather really looks like it could fit the project perfectly (heavy clouds without the shitty rain, and a little breeze to […]

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Workshop oktober

Kurs og workshop i Trondheim ::: Fotograf John Andre Aasen Velkommen til et intensivt, inspirerende og innholdsrikt kurs/workshop! Hovedtema: Hvordan skape flotte portrettbilder med enkel belysning på location. Fra ide til produkt. Målgruppe: Ivrige fotoentusiaster som ønsker å ta steget videre med sitt digitale speilrefleks. Hva trenger […]

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spontaneity [ˌspɒntəˈniːɪtɪ -ˈneɪ-] n & pl -ties 1. the state or quality of being spontaneous 2. (Psychology) (often plural) the exhibiting of actions, impulses, or behaviour that are stimulated by internal processes Sometimes good things come out of merely nothing. Yesterday my wife’s daughter and her friend asked me if we could do some shots, […]

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